Feel More Safe and Secure

Angels RE Group believes that security is one of the most important aspects of your home. With the advancements in technology, it is now easier than ever to feel secure. Here are 4 products we found that can support a safe and protected environment. 1) Wireless cameras make it possible to view the real time […]

Cool Down While Summer is Heating Up

In Arizona we are all trying to beat the heat this summer. The easiest way to do this is with your pool. But what if you don’t have a pool? How can you enjoy the outdoors without your own pool? Angels RE Group wanted to investigate the alternatives and share. Here are 4 options that […]

What are those Millennials up to?

No matter what creative adjectives you associate with the millennials or Generation Y’s, their importance to the housing industry is undeniable. They account for 22% of the US population, ranging in ages from 18-34. Since these Gen Y-ers are influencing the housing market more than ever the Angels RE Group wanted to find out more […]

A Warm Welcome to Our Newest Angel

The Angels RE Group are happy to give a very warm welcome to the newest addition to our team, Tori Sydow. As a part of this welcome we would like to introduce her to you all and share some of her background and experiences. Victoria “Tori” Sydow was born and raised in Washington State. Her career path […]

Grilling Season has Arrived

The Fourth of July marked the beginning of grilling season. If you found yourself unable to host a great outdoor soiree AngelsRE can provide some assistance for your future bash.  Now is a great time to start thinking about building an outdoor kitchen or adding some outdoor features to enjoy those warm summer nights. The Angel RE […]

Limited Space for a Garden? Angels RE Group has a Solution.

Summertime is here and with it is a great opportunity to spend some time outdoors, perhaps to work on a garden. Angels RE Group believes now is a great time to enhance your outdoor experience with a rooftop or backyard garden. Don’t feel like committing your home roof to a garden, you can start small by […]

7 Tips to Get Your Home Ready to Sell This Spring in Scottsdale

With mortgage applications back on the rise, buyers are ready to buy, which means if you are considering selling your home, you may want to get the process started.  When you trust Angels RE to list and sell your property, here are a few tips for getting your house show ready to sell this Spring! […]

Baby Boomers and Climate Living in Arizona

With building permits going up to a normal growth mode in and around Phoenix, it brings many questions to mind for buyers in Arizona.  Here are some of the many questions we hear every day, so we wanted to answer these for you! 1.  Are people moving to AZ? 2.  Are the people moving to […]

7 Fees to Expect at Closing as a Financed Buyer

Buying your first home can raise several questions in your mind about how much you really have to bring to the table when it comes time to close.  You never want to have any hidden costs, and being surprised at signing is no way to complete a transaction. Below are 7 fees to expect when […]

Smart Homes, Smart Owners, Smart Agents

Angels RE Group will hopefully never be replaced by technology, but we do love all the new gadgets being installed in homes recently. The CES show in Las Vegas, #CES2015, is where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.  This show attracts a ton of people looking for the next big technology gadget.  Homeowners are not only […]