Grilling Season has Arrived

IVoVuThe Fourth of July marked the beginning of grilling season. If you found yourself unable to host a great outdoor soiree AngelsRE can provide some assistance for your future bash.  Now is a great time to start thinking about building an outdoor kitchen or adding some outdoor features to enjoy those warm summer nights. The Angel RE Group agrees that an outdoor kitchen is a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors while staying connected with guests when preparing food.

Creating an outdoor kitchen can be surprisingly easy. If you are on a strict budget there are only a few items you need to consider. First, and arguably most important, purchase a durable grill. The grill is the centerpiece for most outdoor kitchens and is the point from which all other accessories are positioned.  Just like everything else in this world, grills come in all shapes and sizes ranging from charcoal and electric to gas and smokers, so pick whichever best meets your needs. Second, have a nearby cabinet or drawer for storing grilling tools and clean-up essentials. Third, provide a seating area for guests to relax and enjoy your eats. Fourth, make sure you have an awning or a form of sun protection to maintain a comfortable, shaded environment.

Here are some matters to ponder if you wish to invest more time and money to build your kitchen.

Base– Think about the shape you would like your kitchen to be, the popular L shape or a simple stand alone island. The L shape gives you the opportunity for a seated bar while an island allows the space for a larger seating area. Your base can be as simple or expansive as you want and will impact the amount of prep space you will have. 

Counters– Countertops should be durable, easy to clean and element resistant. Some great surfaces include granite, tile, concrete and natural stone that is not porous.

Appliances– Installing a sink is great for a convenient cleanup and rinse off.  A refrigerator is a great idea so you can easily access seasonings, condiments and drinks. Determine the layout for each appliance and the convenience of that location.

No matter your budget or time limitations anyone can set up outdoor space for cooking. If you have an outdoor kitchen already the Angels suggest enhancing the atmosphere with these gardening tips. Keep all these considerations in mind and start looking forward to your next grill session.

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