Limited Space for a Garden? Angels RE Group has a Solution.

Summertime is here and with it is a great opportunity to spend some time outdoors, perhaps to work on a garden. Angels RE Group believes now is a great time to enhance your outdoor experience with a rooftop or backyard garden. Don’t feel like committing your home roof to a garden, you can start small by experimenting with the top of your doghouse or that shed outback.

Reasons to Garden

1. Make an unappealing space serene

2. Reduce the urban heat island effect

3. Create a more intimate atmosphere

4. Improve air quality

5. Collect rainwater

6. Science shows it fights depression and stress

Considerations for Rooftop Gardening

Research Codes– Most towns and cities have codes that could impact your rooftop garden. Permits may be required or cities might require professionals to check out your roofs capabilities. Being mindful of these restrictions will allow you to avoid any issues while constructing and designing your garden.

Strength of Roof– The amount and type of plants you should use will be largely impacted by your roofs integrity. Utilizing plants that will create deep root systems will need a stronger roof than when using drought tolerant plants, like succulents. Cohesion between garden design and structure strength is a must.

Access– Is this space easily accessible? If not those drought tolerant plants may be the better choice when planting. If rain is frequent consider a rain garden, which is the strategic placement of rocks and plants to absorb the most water as possible. Rains harvesting systems work great with rain gardens and are very effective.

Mindful of the Elements– No matter your location you have to consider weather. If you live in an apartment in a city you must think about potential high winds, access to water and if surrounding buildings block sunlight. Living in a city like us Angels you should think about too much direct sun and whether sunshades are necessary. Those who see rain frequently should consider a rain garden, mentioned above.

Considerations for Patio Gardening 

Space– Many of those utilizing patio space have a limited work area. To use this precious space more effectively you should consider vertical, tiered and lifted planters.

Access to Water/Sun– It’s important to contemplate if installing an automatic water system is best or if manually watering is more realistic. Also consider the potential position of planters and the access to sunlight in those spots.

Making Both Easier

Container planters can reduce the amount of effort needed to set up a garden significantly. Containers should be fenestrated to allow excess water to drain properly. However, this simple method could result in easier and faster dry out. To prevent dry out use soilless potting mixes or moisture retaining elements.

Slow release fertilizers can last between 6 to 8 weeks unless watered excessively. This type of fertilizer is considered more environmentally friendly; some provide more organic nutrients than others. The temperature around the garden will effect how long fertilizers will need reapplying.

All of us here at the Angel RE Group believe in the saying “life’s a garden, dig it”. What better way to promote this message than by encouraging gardening? If you do choose to spruce up your patio or wow the neighbors with a rooftop garden please keep our considerations in mind, get your friends and family involved and have a blast!

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