7 Tips to Get Your Home Ready to Sell This Spring in Scottsdale

Arizona SpringWith mortgage applications back on the rise, buyers are ready to buy, which means if you are considering selling your home, you may want to get the process started.  When you trust Angels RE to list and sell your property, here are a few tips for getting your house show ready to sell this Spring!

1) Consider Having a Pre-Inspection.  If you have an inspector out to your property to do a pre-sale inspection, you can address any action items that may appear on the inspection for the buyer of your home.  By making the repairs up front, the buyers inspection will be much cleaner setting the stage for a smooth escrow. 

2) Order an Appraisal.  Many sellers aren’t sure of their property value.  Angels RE has the tools to run a comparable market analysis on your home, helping you price the home at fair market value.  However, you may be interested in having an appraisal up front to assist in pricing the home.  Don’t forget – a buyer obtaining a loan will still need their own appraisal, but it doesn’t hurt to have one up front!

3) Curb Appeal.  Maintaining the exterior of your home is crucial to a quick sale.  The front of your home is the first thing the buyers see as they approach.  Having a clean and inviting entrance can only help!

4) Get out the Blue Tape.  Take some blue painters tape and go through your home pointing out all the minor flaws.  Hire a handy man to make those tedious drywall repairs, touch up paint, and clean up the baseboards.  The less distractions for the new home buyer, the better.

5) Make Sure Everything Works.  Check your light bulbs, garage door opener, appliances, door locks and windows.

6)  Have your A/C Serviced.  It’s a good idea to have your A/C serviced biannually when living in Arizona. A/C issues always arise during the home inspection. Sometimes major sometimes minor so it’s always a good idea to know this ahead of time and remedy the issues.

7) Clear the Counters. Right before we list the property, let’s get those countertops cleared.  Whether it’s the kitchen counter, bathroom counter, coffee table top or dresser, the photographs will show items as clutter, and we want crisp clean photographs of your freshly listed home!

When you decide the timing is right this spring to list your home in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Cave Creek, Carefree, or Paradise Valley, start with this list and call Angels RE. We are full time Arizona Real Estate Agents ready to work for you!  Click here for some additional tips for sellers in AZ.

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