Baby Boomers and Climate Living in Arizona

Phoenix SkylineWith building permits going up to a normal growth mode in and around Phoenix, it brings many questions to mind for buyers in Arizona.  Here are some of the many questions we hear every day, so we wanted to answer these for you!

1.  Are people moving to AZ?
2.  Are the people moving to AZ Baby Boomers, looking for a second home or a retirement home?
3.  Are new houses being built because inventory is low, or the desires of the buyer may have shifted in style and design?
Our thoughts and answers are here to all of the above.  Angels RE Group has seen Baby Boomers wanting to find a nice spot to downsize and live comfortably in a great climate at a great price.  National Association of REALTORS states, “For those seeking a location for climate reasons, the Western and Southern U.S. continue to be the top destinations.”
In the Valley of the Sun, Condos/Patio Homes/Townhomes listed active right now are about 3,500 out of 22,000 active listings.  There are approx. 1,500 in escrow.  There have been approx. 1,600 closings since January 1st, 2015.
Want to see what is active in the valley?  Please check out our website search page to see the latest active listings in the valley.
What we are seeing in the children of the baby boomers is that they are moving back to neighborhoods they have grown up in and these areas are being revitalized.  While the buyers like the neighborhoods and homes, they are adding a soft contemporary flair to the older neighborhoods.  The new desire is to have neighborhood restaurants and activities within walking distance, which has created a buzz in the older, historic, more charming areas of town.
This has recently been noticed and studied by the National Association of REALTORS, and here is the data and the facts for you:

The following were the top location characteristics identified as “very important” by those surveyed for homes in Arizona:

  • Amenities/services in walking distance (39%)
  • Good school district (34%)
  • Close to work (32%)
  • Diverse neighborhood (26%)
  • Near public transit (25%)

Many movers say they’re eyeing more walkable communities. Indeed, walkable communities have been reporting stronger home-price growth compared to less walkable communities, according to the Demand Institute’s report. Those who reside in walkable communities also are more likely to report that their quality of life has improved in the past few years due to their change in residence.

There are many older communities that have recognized this and are rapidly adapting to the needs of our new generation of buyers.  Angels RE Group has their hands on the pulse of this movement and can help improved the quality of your life.

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