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Smart HomeAngels RE Group will hopefully never be replaced by technology, but we do love all the new gadgets being installed in homes recently.

The CES show in Las Vegas, #CES2015, is where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.  This show attracts a ton of people looking for the next big technology gadget.  Homeowners are not only waiting for the next smart phone, but integrating technology into homes so they can run their home through a smart phone.

According to Parks Associates, more than 13 million U.S. households have a connected device and that is set to increase threefold over the next three years to an estimated 45 million smart homes by 2018.

We have suggestions that will make you feel tech savvy, and will save you money and time.  Want to turn your lights on or off remotely or automatically, control your thermostat while you are on vacation, secure your home or monitor the dog’s activity while you are at work?

Check out these new exciting ideas for your home:

1.  Wireless Cameras:  Install one in every room and be notified anytime there is activity in your house.  Want to see which pet is stealing items and hoarding them under the bed?

2.  Automate Your Lights:  Set up automatic start and stop times, or set up lights while away on vacation.

3.  Forget Your Keys:  Put an electronic keypad on your doors and garage door.  In fact, you can log on remotely and assign a new code for the neighbor to check in on the house while you are on a beach in the Caribbean. Then it will alert you when a door has been accessed or your garage door has been used or left open.

4.  Thermostat Control:  et’s face it, most of us just set the thermostat and forget about it.  With the new smart programs, you can adjust temperatures by the minutes or hours and save on your energy bills.  Plus, while you are sitting in the airport, waiting to return from your vacation in Italy, you can start to warm up your home, or turn on the air conditioning for the perfect temperature – all at your fingertips.

5.  Home Theaters:  Control your theater from your smart phone.  Throw away your videos and DVDs – you can download directly to your smartphone or device and focus on the popcorn instead of connecting the five old devices you needed to play a movie in the past.

6.  Home Security can be tied together with the cameras, door locks, etc – all from your smart phone.

We love to see automated homes, and it definitely is a great return on investment when selling a home.  It makes you and your home much smarter.  Contact us today if you would like to see a few of our listings with smart homes in action.  Here’s a great one at 11052 E Feathersong Lane Scottsdale 85255.

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