Grass, Turf or Desert Landscaping?

With more realistic-looking options than ever, synthetic turf can be a boon. Find the benefits and an installation how-to here.

It’s tough to make the call for landscaping, and many factors come into play…. grass is always a nice addition to the yard, but requires maintenance.  Turf has come a long way, and looks much more natural with less maintenance than real grass.  And, Desert Landscaping, well simplifies your lawn maintenance time for sure.

PROS and CONS TO GRASS:  1. Looks great, smells great, but requires much more work.  2. Bunnies LOVE it.  3.  Needs water, and grooming.  4. Less expensive than installing turf, perhaps balances out over time with other cost savings.  5. Naturally soft and comfy to relax.  6. Stays cool to the touch.


PROS and CONS to TURF:  1. You can put it just about anywhere in your yard.  2.  Add a putting green.  3. Don’t have to worry about getting enough sun to grow grass.  4. Pet Friendly, easy to clean.  5.Water Bills reduced and Green Thinking!  You can sell your lawn mower 😉

PROS and CONS to DESERT LANDSCAPING:  1. Desert Landscaping can be just as beautiful without as much greenery.  2. Aesthetic value is not lost, just replaced with different colors of vegetation.  3. Cost Savings with less watering and grooming.  4. There are plants that thrive in dryer conditions and need less maintenance, less fertilizer.  Uniqueness of vegetation is much more interesting.

Still not sure what to do? There are many companies that will not only help you design and be creative, but can make your yard an oasis, no matter which direction you choose.  Angels RE Group has crossed paths with many companies and would love to introduce you to our network.

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