6 Ways to Weather Proof Your Home for the Winter in Scottsdale, Arizona

Arizona Winter

Well, it’s hardly a Polar Vortex…but, even the Phoenicians have to take the appropriate actions to weather proof their homes for the winter. The tasks may be a little different from the East Coast…

1) Cover your plants: Most Scottsdale Homeowners have desert landscape and desert plants in their front and back yards.  These plants tolerate the heat, don’t need much water to survive, and flourish all year long.  Except, when it freezes.  As the temperatures start to drop below  45 degrees at night, covering your plants with a large breathable towel is best.

2) Pick your Citrus first: Make sure to harvest your fruit before the freeze. Then, flood the base of the tree with water, so the tree can soak up the moisture, which absorbs the cold.

3) Have your Heater Serviced: If you didn’t have your HVAC serviced before the summer, now is a good time to have all of those systems tuned up and ready for action.  Scottsdale homeowners can wait well into the fall to turn on their heat, so you don’t want that first freezing day to be the day you find out your heater went out!

4) Check your Windows: Not to make sure they are storm ready, but to make sure they are properly sealed.  You should do this before the summer time too.  The harsh temperatures in Arizona can cause the weather-stripping to crack and deteriorate.  This is an inexpensive fix that helps protect the inside of your home, as well as maintain the exterior, when it comes time to list your home for sale!

5) Cover your pipes: Where the main water shutoff valve is as well as the irrigation for the yard, you may want to add a towel around those pipes to keep them from freezing.  As long as you are running the water frequently, and the temperatures stay at a normal average for Scottsdale winter, pipes freezing shouldn’t be an issue. Better safe than sorry!

6) Get your fire pits ready: Living in Scottsdale during the winter means relaxing outside, yes outside, after dinner by the fire.  If it is a “no burn day” you can light the live wood fire, or you can always invest in a propane or gas fire place.  You will use it, and it enhances your backyard for resale value.

For additional tips on enjoying your home in the winter in Scottsdale, call Angels RE Group today.  We will answer any questions you have on what you can add to your home to get the most return on your investment, and enjoy the property in the winter time more than you ever imagined.

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