5 Things to Expect in the Last Phase of Your New Home Construction Process

New Home ArizonaA few months have probably passed since you picked out all of your finishes.  You continue to drive by your new home every day and FINALLY…progress.  Walls are up, roof is on, you see the windows and doors and you can’t WAIT to get in and see your new house.  There are a few things to keep in mind though as you enter into this last phase of your new home process.

The following are the last steps of your new build home, and you get to move on in!

1) Appraisal & Walk Through:  Complete the appraisal and first walk through inspection.  The appraisal will have to come in for the loan to go through.  Once the appraisal is in, your initial inspection will take place. Should you request any additional inspections, now is when they need to be completed (See Buyers Advisory).

2) First Walk-Through/Inspection:  The house is safe to move into and ready for you to walk through and pick it apart! You will go through with the construction foreman and your Angels RE Real Estate Agent to make sure everything looks perfect.  Take a roll of blue tape, and point out every minor imperfection – they will fix everything  as your home needs to be perfect before moving in!

3) Final Walk Through/Inspection: Everything should be fixed by now.  Blinds up, house clean, home finished.  The construction foreman and your Angels RE Real Estate Agent will be here this day too to make sure all the items you pointed out are repaired.

4) Sign Final Docs: Head to title and sign your final loan documents.   House is ready for occupancy and it is almost YOURS.  Sign your documents, bring in the final funds to close, and hold on tight!

5) Pick Up your Keys:  Time to pick up your keys.  Once the property has funded and recorded, the sales office will release your keys for pick up.  Angels RE will be there waiting for you with your welcome basket and a hug.

Congratulations on making it through the new construction new home build process.   The last few months felt like they took years, but now you are ready to MOVE IN to your new home.  Let the fun begin.  Don’t forget to mention to your family and friends how streamlined the process was, because you called Angels RE!

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