What is the Second Phase of the New Construction Home Purchase?

Arizona New HomeSeveral weeks have passed since you put down your deposit on your new home.  You drive by every day checking to see if anything has been started, and it looks like maybe, just maybe they have started to clear the ground.  Over the next several weeks you will have appointments to confirm the following:

1) Design Center – The design center can be fun but overwhelming.  Angels RE will be with you every step of the way, should you request.  We have helped several of our new home buyers at the design center, even just as a second set of eyes, and to make sure you don’t get your budget out of control.  It is very easy to over spend at the design center, but make sure you choose the finishes you really want – after all, this is YOUR brand new home we are talking about!  

2) Lighting Center – Lighting inside and outside the home is critical.  Whether you want extra recessed lighting in the bathroom, or pendant lighting over the bar, these decisions need to be made at this point in time.  Also, don’t forget the additional outlets you need – whether it is in the floor of the living room for table lamps or extra outlets outside for easy access to holiday decorations.

3) Technology Center – The new homes have endless opportunities for state of the art technology.  From surround sound throughout, to theater rooms, now is the time to have all of those added features to your home to make it technologically advanced.  The top of the line security systems with interior or exterior cameras can tie into your mobile device for 24/7 monitoring.

4) Landscaping – There will be landscaping company’s who are authorized to complete the work during your new build process.  Now is the time to meet with them and discuss your plans.  You do NOT have to use the builder recommended companies, but if you choose to go your own route, you will have to do the landscape design after closing – this would include front yard, back yard, water features, pools, etc.

5) Follow Up on Financing – Your financing is still in process. Make sure you are communicating with your lender and not making any changes to your financial situation, large purchases, or anything that may red flag the banks.

Check back next week to see phase 3 of your new build process.  Remember, if you are interested in new construction in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, or Carefree, contact Angels RE today to get your list of upcoming sites and schedule a visit to view the property.

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